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Doing More with Less: Working with the Environment

Lehigh Hanson Canada’s goal of Energy Reduction and Climate Protection focuses on environmentally responsible transport and manufacturing.

Transport solutions

All raw materials used in the manufacture of Lehigh Hanson Canada (LHC) cement and concrete are from local sources (in line with Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) regulations), which reduces emissions and energy consumption due to long-distance transport. Optimized locations and computer-assisted dispatch for ready-mix plants allow for efficient and environmentally responsible product delivery.

LHC uses biodiesel in our ready-mix fleet to reduce emissions from gasoline and conventional diesel. Vegetable-based hydraulic fluids are being used in many pieces of equipment to minimize the impact of potential oil spills.

LHC's No-Idling Policy supports the reduction of harmful emissions caused by the unnecessary idling of trucks, cars and equipment.

Manufacturing solutions

Lehigh Hanson Canada (LHC) develops, manufactures and distributes environmentally responsible cements such as InterCem® and EcoCem®PLC. InterCem® contains up to 30% recycled material.

LHC is currently investigating the carbon sequestering of biosolids on reclaimed land at former mine sites.