Responsibility For The Environment From Quarry To Construction Site


At Lehigh Hanson Canada (LHC), sustainability is a key aim of our corporate strategy. We are discovering new ways to meet the growing demands of modern society for cement and concrete products in a socially and ecologically responsible manner. Through continuous learning and a scientific approach to problems, LHC continues to identify opportunities to refine or redesign our processes to minimize their impact on people and planet.

Every day, LHC is mindful of its environmental responsibilities, and every employee is aware of the importance of health, safety, biodiversity, and sustainable construction. We’re putting those principles into action, by creating Intercem®, which contains reclaimed waste from local power stations. Thanks to careful planning and engineering, LHC is reclaiming aggregate quarries as we mine. And we are entering into partnerships to set aside sensitive wildlife conservation areas where mining won’t take place at all.